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 TeenCheer Art (Age 13 & up) / Adult Course 


Beginner Sketcher


Would you like to sharpen your vision, and start seeing thingsthat people don’t see? This is your chance to experience a new world, starting with shades, lines, perspective, structure, texture, space and order… You’ll rediscover the ordinary and express yourself in new ways through detailed observations and constant practice. We’ll kick start with basic forms and geometric sculptures.

​Intermediate Sketcher


Having tackled the basics, you’re now ready to move on to the next level – still life. Pick anything from your daily life, starting with an apple to your favorite utensils and technical tools, a tablecloth even!Through vigorous training, you can train up your eyes to capture even the faintest detail. By mastering different pencil strokes, you can shade in textures to give your drawings a more realistic look and feel.


​Advanced Sketcher


It’s time for you to stretch your drawing muscles with some landscape and human portraits. You have to plan ahead before drawing a landscape – remember to leave sufficient breathing space and shade hard enough to create a sense of depth. When drawing people, make sure you know your proportions, get them right and pay attention to all the little features – even a wrinkle counts!


Every art piece is a personal statement, that’s why we’d encourage our students to referenceand try out different artistic styles to trulyimmerse in the art scene.​


Oil painting for beginners


Off the top of your head, name three of the most significant art movements and their pioneers… Don’t fret if you can’t, because this course has been designed to expand your knowledge. We’ll start with the basic color theory consisting of primary, secondary and complementary colors; through mixing colors, students will have a better grasp of versatile color combinations while practicing their brushstrokes.

​Oil Painting for intermediates​


Step up your game by painting more complex still life and landscape. You will learn about different textures and reflective surface through still life painting; and if you’d like to try capturing light and darkness, painting landscape will be the way to go. Test out your color sense and you’ll soon be on your way to becoming a master painter.

​Oil Painting for experts


It’s time for you to flaunt your talent – don’t be shy to show the world your inner creativity and proficiency. Students are asked to break rules and cross boundaries in order to find their own voice, they can even paint from experience and create colors unique in themselves. This course is for mature painters who are confident about their skills and are ready to take the leap to the highest level.



Hands-on Ceramics for beginners


For all ‘Ghost’ (the movie) lovers who have never done pottery before, but always had an inkling – this is the class that teaches you all the hand building basics for creating personalized cups and plates, from scratch to finish. But mind you, there will be a lot of pinching, slabbing and coiling, so the scene won’t look too pretty. However, by the end of the course, you’d have covered all the basic skills and will be ready to move on to the next level.


Hands-on Ceramics for intermediates


Fans of the movie ‘Ghost’ – this is your chance to shine! Throw some clay and make your very own cup on the pottery wheel. You’ll learn to create new forms with your bare hands and add textures using an array of pottery tools. This is the ideal course for serious learners, who’d consider taking their skills to the next level.

Hands-on Ceramics for experts


Develop individual style while making your personalized superheroes or figurines. To test your throwing and hand building skills, we challenge you to build complicated forms following your own methods. Students are also encouraged to explore glazing and decoration techniques in depth, plus more emphasis will be placed on the form and function of the finished work.

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