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 Little Cheerful Introductory Art Classes (Age 3 - 5) 



Is your child a curious learner-hungry for knowledge and all sorts of wild ideas? Tailored for budding artist from a young age, this course can check off major developmental milestones by encouraging your child to question their surroundings, source inspiration, visualize their ideas and recognize their emotions.


Artful Thinking


Known as the "golden age" for child development - at the most active and curious stage of 3 - 5 years old. that's why it is so important for them to soak up the fundaments of art, all while expanding their mindsets to embrace diversity, questions and creative freedom.

Creative Acrylic Strokes


This course has been designed to help child visualize their ideas through colors, different forms to create their unique art piece - which makes learning process much more effective. Child is encouraged to paint freely, and fill up their lives with vibrant acrylic colors - the "oil paint" for beginners.

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