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 Cheereo Mixed Media Art Classes (Age 6 - 12) 

Cheer Art 1 hour @lesson)

Creating a great piece of art is not just about the final product, but very much about the creative journey as well - that's why we put a lot emphasis on our student's sketchbook and their documentary. Every project we'll set out a theme where student is encouraged to throw out ideas and expand on them.


Great ideas usually start from black and white, hence a pencil or charcoal is commonly used for rough sketches. While in development we encourage student to think about secondary forms, materials and complementary colors. Lastly will bring the ideas into three dimensionals by using an array range of materials including clay, plastic, wood and all sort of funky stuff, with a guaranteed good time!


Sketching will not only sharpen up our child observation skills, but the ability to represent data in a study or investigation. Through vigorous training in drawing techniques and detailed observations, student will experiment with a wide range of media including water color pencils, oil pastel, markers and carbon pencils to name a few. Get ready to immerse in the sea creativity  - by the end of the course, your child should develop a good sense of light and shade, shapes and lines, and still life verous moving landscape.



Pottery & Ceramics - Hands-on Pottery  (1.5 hours @lesson)


'Hands-on Pottery' allowss your child to bring new meanings to their everyday lives.  We encourage our students to pick out different objexts and create something new out of the ordinary.  This is an invaluable opportunity that engages our child's imagination with heir observational and physical skills.  By the end of each session, he or she hould bring home a unique art piece that will add color to your household.

 Cheereo Oil Painting Classes (Age 6 - 12) 

Inspiration on Canvas (Age 6- 9)


Don't be startled if you child brings home a canvas of paint splats, after all that was how Monet rose to stardom almost a century ago. Designed to spark their artistic interest, this course gives our student the opportunity to find their unique voices and turn them into personal styles. This is an ideal introduction for young artist who'd like a taste of painting while exploring the vast field of arts.


Inspirational Palette (Age 10- 12)


Designed for more advanced painters, this course focuses on honing your child painting techniques and knowledge for art appreciation. Student will learn from a versatile range of artistic styles that's spans across classical, modernists, abstract and futuristic. Also cover a variety of topics including stills, landscapes, people and more - travel back and forth time to experience art that had once rocked the world in different periods of times.

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