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 About the Founder 

Tenniel Tsang, educated at the Rhode Island School of Design where he received his B.A. of Fine Arts in 1994, B.A. of Interior Architecture in 1995 and B.A. of Architecture in 1996. Tenniel is the Founder and Design Director of Novus Penetralis Limited. Prior to estblishing Novus Penetralis in 2004, he was working in top architectural firm in Hong Kong. 

Adhering to the philosophy, What Cheer Studio is founded to allow children to experience the beauty of arts, deriving joy from the journey. In order to nurture their growth through arts, children are encouraged to express their feelings by drawing and painting, as a way to embrace this beautiful world. Just like a cracked eggshells where little chick is first exposed to the sunlight with curiosity, What Cheer Studio is here to lead children to take their first steps in the world of arts, establishing their own creative style.

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