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 About the Studio 




with children


With you and your children in mind, our space has been designed to encourage human interactions. For instance, we’ve built an egg-shaped enclosure for children to draw and paint on the blank walls, so to give them confidence to freely express themselves and think outside the box.






In today’s world, we always teach our children more is better, so if they work hard now then they’ll enjoy a better life in the future. While well-meaning parents gladly accept their roles as tiger dads and moms that push their children to excel and outperform each other. But since when has childhood become so complicated and restrained? Remembering those days when kids were encouraged to play freely, dream big and be reckless.




of mind & heart


Yes, because we had all been kids once upon a time, that’s why we’d like to make What Cheer Studio a creative playground for our children. We want them to experience art as an elevated part of their lives – so full of passion, joy and surprises. What Cheer Studio is a place for free thinkers, who’d like to know themselves better through art lessons and discussions. We hope our children will enjoy their time here while exploring the greater world without limits.




for ideas


Here at What CheerStudio, we always start with a blank piece of paper because we believe that ideas take form when there’s thinking space. That’s why we’d like to give our children space and a lot of freedom here – though they might be leaving indecipherable marks on the canvas or drawing lopsided shapes, they are on a journey of self-discovery. In the process, children will learn about self-control, personal expression and creative thinking. Parents, on the other hand, should not question their skills but try to see things from your children’s perspectives and learn to embrace the beauty of innocent thinking and childhood dreams.




of knowing yourself


Happiness is when you finally get to know yourself and are able to fulfill your true calling with your talents and skills. At What Cheer Studio, we set our vision on a world without boundaries, no limits nor comparison. Open to anyone with a passion in art, we want you to find happiness here and bring out the best in each one of you.

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