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 Art in action – Introductory 




is an artist


At What Cheer Studio, we firmly believe that ‘every child is an artist’. That’s why we’ve designed our courses based around your child’s developmental needs, such as hand-eye coordination, mastering movement and balance, creativity and cognitive abilities – so that you can watch your baby grow and track performance every step of the way.




is important


Right brain training is absolutely vital in child development – by breaking rules and boundaries, our students are encouraged to create and express themselves through different forms and media, giving them a chance to grow and know themselves better. Through collaborating with others, our young artists will learn to share with others while taking more responsibility as their confidence flourishes.




beyond the class


Movement, balance and coordination​​
These skills are the ‘building blocks’ for more complex and specialized skills required by children throughout their lives. Through basic training and repetition, we can train up our children’s hand-eye coordination and muscle development.





Children are encouraged to observe and ask bucket loads of questions here. They will be exposed to different art pieces – large and small – to help them understand the basic concepts of quantity, volume and weight.​





Children are probably some of the most innovative and adventurous explorers you’ll ever come across. The early stages of child development are often fuelled with curiosity and powerful imagination. That’s why at What Cheer, we never say ‘no’ to ideas, wild ideas or even crazy ones. We encourage our students to speak out and ask tons of questions – after all, these are the only ways to truly open up their hearts and minds.​






Thorough active discussions about students’ work, we can gain insight into their minds; and with words of encouragement, we push and motivate our little artists to achieve their full potential. To equip our students with all the basic skills for effective communication, we’ll teach them the proper use of lines, shapes and basic colors to express their ideas more fully.​

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